If I had a car,

I would drive around Michigan.


Today I took a bus to visit the town I lived in before I moved here. It was a 3 hour bus ride and towards the end of it I got really nostalgic, in a sad way.

I thought about the house I used to live in and how there's now a completely different person living it and how I could probably never ever come back to it. I got really sad thinking about that even though realistically I'd probably hate living there now.

Generally a lot of really bad things happened to me during my time living here- but I met some of my closest friends here and made my most precious memories. This place might be the closest one I felt I could call home.

Ever since I moved to my current town things just kind of feel.. off. I've had this feeling deep down and it's only been getting stronger with the passing years
The place I live in now is technically better, but..