Touhou Project (東方 Project) is a series of bullet hell shooter games created by ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice!
The series began in 1997 on PC-98, and is still going strong today on Windows computers/more!
Touhou is known for its extreme difficulty, as well as its great OST and large cast (that is 99% girls)

This series is very close to my heart, so without further ado lets get to all the Touhou-related stuff!

I first got into Touhou when I was VERY young, maybe 8 or something!
I had access to the Internet since a very young age and quickly got into 2000s anime culture and the such.
I don't remember the full details but I know that I had discovered it through the vast amount of fan works for it uploaded on youtube.
The videos below are one of the first touhou related videos I remember watching!

After that I had began playing the official games as well as consuming the fanmade content of music videos, animations as well as other games.


Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn
Yukari Yakumo
Yuuka Kazami
Murasa Minamitsu
Mamizou Futatsuiwa
Rinnosuke Morichika
Satori Komeiji
Suika Ibuki

^nicer looking list coming soon^

Diao Ye Zong is a doujin circle that makes Touhou and original vocal arrangements
In my opinion they are one of the best circles out there,
I think their songs have such a good composition to them and I love how they incorporate the Touhou lore into the lyrics!
Not to mention the beautiful artwork on their albums! Even the booklets all have dedicated art (as you can see below:)

These are the booklets for the album Tadori/Izanai! (辿/誘) The images here show Maribel, who's heavily theorized to be Yukari Yakumo

Their songs are on Spotify but if you have the possibility to purchase their albums physically you definitely should as they're all super cool to have!